This Couple’s PUBG-Themed Pre Wedding Photoshoot Will Remind You Of ‘Winner Winner! Chicken Dinner!’


This yr was all about weddings… and PUBG. Wherever you look, you may see folks going loopy for this sport. And it is not simply children, however adults too. 

But the couple I’m about to introduce to you, took their love for PUBG to a different degree. They name it “adventurous new-era pre-wedding PUBG Saga!” 

Forgetting the old fashioned pre-wedding drama, this couple, Sonali Bomble and her beau Aakash Jain had a PUBG-themed pre-wedding photoshoot. The images have been clicked below the identify Harsh Salvi Photography

Sounds superb, is not it? Well, the images are even higher. 

Meet, Sonali and Aakash.

Sonali and Aakash

The images have been taken by photographer Harsh Salvi.

photographer Harsh Salvi

Isn’t this an incredible thought?

amazing idea

Now you know the way to shock your beau who’s a PUBG skilled.

PUBG expert

Winner winner! Chicken dinner.

Winner winner! Chicken dinner.

As per the photographer, such photoshoot has been achieved for the primary time in India.

first time in India

If you are about to get married, now you realize what kinda pre-wedding photoshoot you want.

pre-wedding photoshoot

I’m nonetheless appreciating the minor particulars on this PUBG-based pre-wedding photoshoot.

PUBG-based pre-wedding

I’m completely in love with the thought.

she said yes

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