These Images Of Disney Princesses As Drug Addicts & Rape Victims Will Shake You

These Images Of Disney Princesses As Drug Addicts & Rape Victims Will Shake You

We dwell in a world, which from its inception has been biased in the direction of girls and so they had been at all times thought of the “weaker gender”.

I’ve by no means understood why “having balls” has at all times been a euphemism for power and bravado whereas “you’re a pussy” has been one for expressing weak spot and cowardliness.

Every 12 months, a whopping 1.three million girls are raped, 200 million girls who’re alive have undergone feminine genital mutilation. About 120 million females, worldwide, have been sufferer to pressured sexual acts or intercourse in some unspecified time in the future or different of their lives.

A  Philadelphia-based photographer Sharon Dermody determined to focus on a few of these points by utilizing her images expertise and got here up with a novel idea. She projected a few fashions dressed as Disney Princesses who portrayed because the victims of those social points. But why did she select Disney Princess for this?

Read on to know extra.


#1 Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Sharon has chosen Disney Princess as the topic for this picture shoot to solid a similarity between each lady who’s somebody’s daughter, mom, spouse, and due to this fact is a princess to her father, brother and husband.

This picture reveals a Disney Princess who’s a sufferer of home violence. A beast provides her a rose, after leaving a bruise on her face.

#2 Pollution


This portrays that if in any respect a mermaid would exist in actual world, her life could be horrific and in peril as a result of we people have polluted the water our bodies round us.

#3 Alcohol and its repercussions

Alcohol and its repercussions

How alcohol has damaged down households around the globe, everyone knows. This picture tasks its critical repercussions.

#4 Rape and sexual abuse

Rape and sexual abuse

A as soon as bubbly Princess appears like a corpse on this image, robbed of her dignity and self-worth after being raped. Thousands of ladies and women bear this yearly, across the globe.

#5 Suicide


Depression and suicide have gotten an more and more threatening difficulty all around the world. With a lot stress, anxiousness and ache, women are resorting to suicides. Suicide would not finish the ache, it simply passes it on the family members. Girls, let’s be comfy in our pores and skin, achieve confidence and love ourselves.

#6 Trafficking


Sex trafficking is on rise, whereby women and girls of all ages are offered like commodities. This picture reveals how a girl has been assaulted, trafficked and traumatised. Even her tears have run dry.

#7 Smoking


This new era has a fixation for trying cool as they take to smoking or medicine.

#8 Drugs


Image reveals a woman injecting a needle in her arm, displaying drug abuse. Heroin is likely one of the most generally offered medicine in gray market and one of the crucial harmful as effectively. It can kill a standard wholesome human being inside 1 to 2 years. The saddening half is that lots of girls are resorting to medicine.

#9 Police Brutality, a taboo?

Police Brutality, a taboo

Loads of harmless people lose lives due to police brutality. Though unlawful, it’s simply carried underneath the title of legislation.

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