10 Ways You Should Know About Maintaining Healthy Natural Nails

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Because keeping your nails healthy is also important.

It’s all about health first and foremost. Everything else should always be prioritised later. It is so important to keep a tab on how healthy your skin, hair and organs are. A regular checkup would also be great in order to know which part of your body needs extra care.

Similarly, our nails are as important to be taken care of. Since everything that we do includes our hands and fingers, it is very essential to keep your nails healthy. While we think washing hands regularly is enough, let me burst your bubble, it isn’t.

There’s a decent number of tips and tricks needed for you to know how you can care for your nails to feel healthy and fresh at all times. So read up and let yourself get the extra knowledge on maintaining good nails.

Make sure you trim your nails regularly.


The first and most important rule of nail care is to trim your nails regularly, just as you get your hair trimmed time and again. So make sure you invest some time in clipping your nails on one of the weekends and make your nails feel clean and neat.

Remove every bit of your nail paint even from the sides.


Second, very important thing for all women who love painting their nails with all sorts of bright and pastel colours is to remove it well when you get bored of the colour on your nails. Thoroughly clean your nails with an acetone-free remover and make sure you clean all traces well. Gently scrubbing your nails and skin around also helps remove the dirt and exfoliates the dead skin without being too harsh on them.

For starters, keep your nail short and rounded.


If you’re someone who would love to carry long nails, begin with maintaining short round nails at first. Rounding the edges and keeping a short nail style will be easier to manage so that you can focus on building the strength that the long ones would need.

Keep a nail filer handy at all times.


For all the people who have a heavy workout routine or work on something that causes a lot of wear and tear, make sure you have a nail file handy. Just in case you chip your nail or your edges get rough, you can quickly file it up and smoothen it out.

Always have a base coat applied first.


Applying a base coat doesn’t only protect your nails from being stained but also keep the nail paint colour look saturated and opaque in one coat.You can also add a clear gloss coat between each layer of your nail paint to give your nails the extra shine and protection.

Keep your nails away from any metal products.


Since your nails are too delicate, scrubbing them too hard would expose them to infection. So make sure you keep your metal nail tools to minimum use and don’t dig under the nail plate too much. This will only cause your skin to separate from the nails which will lead to irregular white arching under the nails.

Moisturise your nails just like you moisturise your skin.


Just as you moisturise your skin before you step out and also before you go to sleep, your nails need equal attention to moisturising. You can either use any nutrient-rich oil or moisturiser or use a mix of almond and avocado oils to keep your cuticles and nails hydrated. You can even use a dab of lip balm on your nails to keep them healthy.

Always read product labels.


You must be quite picky with your skincare, makeup and haircare products, and similarly, you need to give that extra importance for your nails too. Make sure you read up the label of your nail products before you buy them. So that you don’t end up buying any product which contains toxic chemicals.

Do not pull off the cuticles.


Of course, you get tempted to pull off your cuticles when it comes off slightly. But it only breaks the seal of protection and leaves your nails vulnerable to bacteria and infection. If you can’t keep your hands off of your cuticles, you can gently push them back with a wooden stick after you shower and then massage your nails with cream or lotion.

Wash and clean your nail equipments.


Just as you get picky about nail care, it is very essential to disinfect your nail tools regularly. Replace disposable tools and wash the rest. But new tools if you feel the used ones are overused.

Hope this article helps you take extra care of your nails henceforth.

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