Ben 10 Omniverse Episodes In HINDI

Ben 10 Omniverse Episodes In HINDI

Get ready for Ben 10: Omniverse! Ben is good to go to be a performance legend however Grandpa Max groups him up with Rook Blonko, a new kid on the block by-the-book accomplice. Together they investigate a mystery outsider city while a secretive seeker sets his sights on Ben! With 10 new outsiders to look over the fun is simply beginning. It’s a radical new Omniverse here on Toon Network!


                                Story Arc 01 – A New Beginning

Ben may think he has grown up with new alien heroes like Shocksquatch and Bloxx ready for battle, but this superhero teen is definitely not out on his own. The Plumbers have recruited a new partner for him – Rook. He’s no-nonsense in every way. Meaning he has yet to understand Ben’s uh… “sense of humor.” But Rook is some excellent backup. And Ben is going to need all the help he can get what with Khyber the Hunter hot on his intergalactic tail.

Episode 1: The More Things Change Part 1

Presently all alone, Ben embarks to be a performance superhero, with new outsider legends available to him, yet Grandpa Max has different arrangements. (Presenting Rook, Malware, Khyber, Nemetrix outsider Crabdozer, new Ben outsiders Feedback and Blox, Pakmar)

Episode 2: The More Things Change Part 2

Ben and Rook find an underground city underneath Bellwood populated with outsiders! In any case, who is threatening them? (Presenting Nemetrix outsider BugLizard, and Ben outsider Shocksquatch, Psyphon, Fistina, Bubblehelmet, Liam)

Episode 3: A Jolt From Past
Alien pests from Ben’s youth come back, but now they need Ben’s help. (Introducing Fistrick, & new Ben alien Gravattack)

Episode 4:Trouble Helix

Flashback scene: Young Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max visit Azmuth on Galvan Prime. There, they have their first experience with Malware, an undermined Mechamorph who’s resolved to make Azmuth cure him, by any methods!

Episode 5: Have I Got A Deal For You

Ben and Rook must stop a goliath rampaging outsider from wrecking Bellwood while managing a peace-cherishing outsider rights dissident who doesn’t need it hurt. (Presenting Hokestar, Solid Plugg first appearance, Pax, Sunder)

Episode 6 : It Was Them

Dr. Animo has gotten away from his Plumber jail, and Ben and Rook must track him down before he transforms the world into his own mutant subterranean insect cultivate! (Presenting Nemetrix outsider Slamworm, Galvan Plumbers Blukic and Driba, Arctiguana, new Ben outsider Crashhopper)

Episode 7: So Long, and Thanks for All the Smoothies?

Whenever Ben and Rook research a baffling outsider apparition transport, they find that Argit and the Vreedle Brothers are battling for ownership of a doomsday gadget! (Presenting Solid Plugg)

Episode 8: Hot Stretch

Ben and Rook experience a race of flexible, hot-blooded outsiders in Undertown who need to utilize a stolen atomic combination motor to enact a spring of gushing lava! (Presenting Ester, Seebik and the Kraaho)

Episode 9: Of Predators And Prey Part I

After a warmed contention, Ben and Rook go their different ways, giving Khyber the Huntsman his most obvious opportunity to catch Ben! (Presenting Dr. Psychobos, new Nemetrix outsiders Mucillator and Terroranchula; new Ben outsider Ballweevil)

Episode 10:Of Predators And Prey Part II

While caught in Khyber’s ship, Ben learns insights about the root of the Nemetrix, and the connection between Khyber, Malware, and Dr. Psychobos! (Presenting new Nemetrix outsider Tyrannopede)


                            Story Arc 02 – Malware’s Revenge

It appears as though everyone is on the chase! To start with, things are not looking great after Ben and Rook get into a warmed contention and go separate ways making Ben a simple focus for Khyber The Huntsman. In the interim, the flawless four-outfitted Princess Looma is chasing for Ben keeping in mind the end goal to make him her significant other, which can’t be great. What’s more, The Plumbers inhabitant virtuosos, Blukic and Driba chase down a few smoothies while Ben and Rook attempt to ensure the wellspring of supreme power.

Episode 11: Outbreak

Whenever Dr. Psychobos takes a section out of the Omnitrix, creating riotous symptoms, it’s dependent upon Ben, Rook, and a little group of Plumbers get everything back to typical. (Presenting new Ben outsider Kickin’ Hawk, temp Ben outsider Walkatrout, Upchuck Rook)

Episode 12: Many Happy Returns

Gwen and Kevin pay Ben an amaze visit, however does Kevin’s peculiar conduct have anything to do with a furious Tetramand princess, or her dad’s armada of warships arranged to assault the Earth? (Presenting Princess Looma, Warlord Gar)

Episode 13:Gone Fishin’

At the point when their angling trip in Undertown takes a strange bend, Ben, Rook, and Grandpa Max, start their scan for a ship-packaging outsider privateer who has caught Magister Patelliday. (Presenting Capt. Plug)

Episode 14: Blukic And Driba Goes To Mr.Smoothy’s

The Plumbers’ inhabitant prodigies, Blukic and Driba set off to discover a few smoothies; in the interim, Ben and Rook attempt to prevent Trombipulor from picking up the wellspring of outright power.

Episode 15:Malefactor

Khyber and his puppy assaults Ben and Rook while they’re at the “Olde Bellwood Days” celebration, yet does the seeker have different arrangements? (Presenting new Nemetrix outsider Hypnotick)

Episode 16: Arrested Development

Ben and Rook must prevent the underhanded Robots from Dimension 12 while caught in their own particular pre-pubescent bodies, on account of Ben’s adolescence match. (Presenting Billy Billions)

Episode 17: Bros In Space

Rook conveys Ben to his home planet to meet the family. Unbeknownst to them, an old enemy is raising an armed force to take the planet’s most valuable asset! (Presenting Rook’s family)

Episode 18:Ben Again

At the point when Eon causes 11-year old Ben swap minds with high schooler Ben, it’s dependent upon Gwen, Rook, and Professor Paradox to set things straight. (Including Eon and Professor Paradox)

Episode 19: Store 23

While out searching for the tricky 23rd Mr. Smoothy’s store with Blukic and Driba, Ben meets a substitute form of himself. (Visitor featuring Aziz Ansari as Ben 23.)

Episode 20: Special Delivery

As installment for crushing his auto, Mr. Bowman orders Ben to make conveyances for him without utilizing the Omnitrix. (Highlighting Thunderpig, new Ben outsider Toepick)


                                Story Arc 03 – Incursean Invasion

It’s sufficiently awful that Ben is up against probably the most wickedness lowlifess in the universe, yet when Princess Looma comes back to claim him as her better half, he’s truly got his hands full! What’s more, on top of that, he and Rook need to escort Vilgax to a most extreme security jail planet, and shield Earth against the Incursean Armada! He should be depleted.

Episode 21:Showdown Part I

The Faction penetrates Galvan trying to crush Azmuth. (Presenting new Nemetrix outsiders Omnivoracious and Vicetopus)

Episode 22:Showdown Part II

Ben must manage a past disappointment while an unhinged Malware dispatches his last assault on Azmuth.

Episode 23: Tummy Trouble

At the point when the Incursean fleet seizes the Gourmand Queen, Ben and Rook must get the warring Gormand groups to cooperate to spare her and stop the Incursean intrusion.

Episode 24:Vilgax Must Croak
Ben and Rook escort Vilgax to a maximum-security prison planet, but the Incurseans have other plans. (Introducing Eighteight)

Episode 25:While You Were Away

Dr. Psychobos and Princess Attea have attacked Rook’s home planet Revonnah with a multitude of Incurseans! (Presenting new Ben outsider, Astrodactyl)

Episode 26:Frogs Of War Part 1

The Incursean Armada, with the assistance of Dr. Psychobos, have attacked the Earth.

Episode 27:Frogs Of War Part 2

With Ben missing, the Incurseans now control the Earth. It’s dependent upon Rook and the rest of the Plumbers to lead the resistance and battle back! (Presenting new Ben outsider, Bullfrag)

Episode 28:Rules of Engagement

Princess Looma comes back to claim Ben as her better half, and she’s not going to give anybody a chance to remain in her direction!

Episode 29:Rad

With Plumber specialists caught in Incursean region, Ben and Rook must utilize the administrations of Rad Dudesman, the roughest, hardest dealer in the cosmic system.

Episode 30: Evil’s Encore

Dr. Animo thinks back about when he once took control of the Plumber’s HQ in Mount Rushmore.


                           Story Arc 04 –  Duel of the Duplicates

Ben Tennyson beyond any doubt has his hands full! The Forever Knights are undermining to delete all outsider DNA on Earth unless Ben and Rook can stop them. Khyber traps Ben in his undercover, individual chasing protect. Mama Vreedle undermines to explode the Earth’s sun if Ben can’t locate her missing child. Also, Gravattack gets bugs.

Episode 31: T.G.I.S

The Secret Saturdays come to Bellwood to research a rash of chupacabra assaults.”

Episode 32: Food Around the Corner

Ben as Gravattack endeavors to direct a delicate peace arrangement yet should persevere through the assaults of small outsider bugs, which have occupied his body.

Episode 33: Oh Mother, Where Art Thou?

Mama Vreedle undermines to explode the sun if Ben and the Plumbers don’t locate her missing child!

Episode 34: Return to Forever

The Forever Knights debilitate to utilize a vile weapon to delete all outsider DNA on Earth unless Ben and Rook can stop them.

Episode 35: Mud is Thicker Than Water

Ben, Gwen and Cousin Lucy attempt to discover how Psyphon’s hooligans are getting Plumber innovation.

Episode 36: OTTO Motives

Kevin and Rook keep running into an old foe from the Null Void while going to an intergalactic automobile expo. (Re-presenting exemplary Ben outsider, Upgrade)

Episode 37: The Ultimate Heist

Albedo looks for a gadget that will at long last change him again into his Galvan shape. In the mean time, Ben is secured Plumber HQ jail.

Episode 39: For a Few Brains More

Ben, Rook and Max must prevent Ultimate Albedo from engrossing Azmuth’s knowledge and assuming control over the cosmic system.

Episode 40: Max’s Monster

Grandpa Max’s old Plumber accomplice, Phil, looks for Max’s manageable the creature inside. (Presenting new Ben outsider, Buzzshock; Re-presenting old Ben outsider, Benvicktor)


                                        Story Arc 05 – Galactic Monsters

In some cases it takes a genuine beast to crush a genuine creature. So Ben is changing into some great beast legends – Frankenstrike, Whampire, and that’s just the beginning — as he fights the most wretched scoundrels in the world including the insidious Lord Transyl on Monster Planet! It’s spooky! It’s odd! It’s Ben 10 Omniverse Galactic Monsters!

Episode 41: Something Zombozo This Way Comes

Following 2 weeks of not battling anyone, Ben and Rook find a bazaar kept running by Zombozo and the Circus Freaks who seem, by all accounts, to be turning everybody in Bellwood (counting the Plumbers) into zombie comedians. Presently Ben must attempt to defeat his dread of comedians so he can spare the general population of Bellwood.

Episode 42: Mystery, Incorporeal

After Gwen as Lucky Girl beats Punchinello, Ben and Rook visit her and Kevin at school, however Darkstar (masked as an understudy: Dante) gets vindicate by utilizing Charmcaster’s shake creatures, and makes a faction keeping in mind the end goal to utilize Gwen to open up an entrance to Ledgerdomain to assimilate all the mana to end up distinctly even intense. In the interim Ben’s has a few issues with the Omnitrix when it just needs to give him Ghostfreak.

Episode 43: Bengeance is Mine

Charge Gacks, a (real) human handyman who takes after Vilgax, coincidentally actuates a weapon Vilgax set to assault Bellwood while settling Pakmar’s pipes in Undertown. At the point when Psyphon returns, he trusts Bill is Vilgax, and, elated that his lord has returned, vows to help him in any case to decimate Bellwood. In the mean time Ben and Rook attempt to stop Vilgax’s squid beasts that the weapon inadvertently discharged.

Episode 44: An American Benwolf in London

Kai approaches Ben and Rook for help when her granddad is abducted by the Forever Knights who are after a baffling sword the distance in London covered up in a mystery room under the waterway.

Episode 45: Animo Crackers

Dr. Animo from the Future come back to go to the present to break Dr. Animo out of jail, and to take something from the SACT so they can populate and administer the Earth with Mutant Animals, and all together for Ben and Rook to stop him, they get help off somebody from the future presently known as Chrono-Spanner.

Episode 46: Rad Monster Party

As Ben, Rook, Rad, and Hobble fly through the Anur System to convey something before they wind up colliding with Anur Transyl, requiring a gadget to control up their motor. Be that as it may, as they stroll through the planet, due to Anur Transyl being everything except shut to whatever remains of the universe, the Halloweenish inhabitants see Ben and his gathering as the creatures. In any case, other than the irate crowd and his companions being stole by a Thep Khufan named Kupuhulu, Ben discovers that Zs’Skayr, the genuine name of Ghostfreak, have coordinated the conveyance to bring himself and the rationally reestablished Dr. Viktor back to their home framework with reprisal to really sweeten the deal. In spite of the fact that his group got the high ground, Ben winds up breaking the supplanting gadget with them now stranded on Anur Transyl.

Episode 47: Charmed, I’m Sure

Still stranded on Anur Transyl, Charmcaster asks Ben, Rook, and Hobble’s recover the Alpha Rune from Zs’Skayr, in the interim Ben’s outsider frame Swampfire is experiencing some improvement changes, and an outsider named Viktoria really likes a zit-confronted Ben.

Episode 48: The Vampire Strikes Back

Zs’Skayr and his partners stir the malevolent Lord Transyl, where he requests that make a union to run the universe, yet similarly as they collaborate, they figure out how to spellbind everybody on Anur Transyl, and Ben’s group. Presently with Ben’s most up to date outsider Whampire, Ben and Hobble (the rest of the general population left) must find an approach to annihilation Lord Transyl, spare everybody, and must settle their ship keeping in mind the end goal to return to Earth.

Episode 49: Catfight

As Ben and Rook go on a twofold date with Ester (the kraaho) and Rayona (Rook’s better half back home) they experience Nyancy Chan who has Ben as Rath under her stupor and starts going on a wrongdoing spree, Meanwhile Princesses Looma and Attea are inconsistent about who will get to legitimately wed Ben’s outsider structures: Four Arms, Rath, and Bullfrag.

Episode 50: Collect This

As Ben and Rook go on a twofold date with Ester (the kraaho) and Rayona (Rook’s better half back home) they experience Nyancy Chan who has Ben as Rath under her daze and starts going on a wrongdoing spree, Meanwhile Princesses Looma and Attea are inconsistent about who will get to legitimately wed Ben’s outsider structures: Four Arms, Rath, and Bullfrag.


                                     Story Arc 06 – The Evil Rooters

If at any point there was a period that the cosmic system required a saint, it’s currently! Why?! Since Vilgax and Eon have collaborated to do some genuine harm! Since a secretive Galvan is requesting that Blukic and Driba give him a super effective weapon! Since Psyphon and a group of abundance seekers are after Argit! Also, on the grounds that The Rooters have turned Kevin and the Amalgam kids against Ben! That is the reason!

Episode 51 – And Then There Were None 

Vilgax and Eon team up to wipe out every Ben in every dimension!

Episode 52 – And Then There Was Ben

Educator Paradox joins the great Bens from over all measurements to go up against Vilgax, Eon, and the underhanded Bens in a definitive standoff!

Episode 53 – The Vengers 

Billy Billions, Kangaroo Kommando, and Captain Nemesis collaborate to bring down Ben, and claim his place as defender of Bellwood?!?

Episode 54 – Cough It Up 

Psyphon and a pack of abundance seekers are after Argit, who is in control of an unsafe weapon.

Episode 55 – The Rooters of All Evil 

Meet the Rooters, the Black Ops wing of the Plumbers from the Null Void. They’ve come searching for somebody near Ben, and they mean business.

Episode 56 – Blukic and Driba Go to Area 51 

A puzzling Galvan arrives and requests Blukic and Driba to give back a super capable weapon expected to stop a risk to Earth.

Episode 57 – No Honor Among Bros 

Rook is affected by Fistrick’s “brother” substance, and begins to act like a brother. Can he and Ben invade an outsider battle club to guarantee the Golden Fist?

Episode 58 – Universe Vs. Tennyson 

Ben gets dragged into intergalactic court by alternate Celestialsapiens for reproducing the universe.

Episode 59 – Weapon XI, Part 1

Kevin and Argit endeavor to caution the amalgam kids about the Rooters expectations in the interim Ben, Rook, and Gwen set off to discover Kevin and land themselves in the Null Void!

Episode 60 – Weapon XI, Part 2 

The Rooters have apparently turned Kevin and the Amalgam kids against Ben. Will Rook and Gwen help him defeat the restriction and escape the Null Void?


                                  Story Arc 07 – The Mad Nightmare

Ben 10, meet Clyde Five! Ben’s nation cousin chooses he needs to be a saint also. What’s more, it goes about and also you’d envision. In the mean time, some unusual outsider antiques in Bellwood pull in adversaries from the future and companions from the past. What’s more, Pa Vreedle reunites with Ma for full scale, add up to vast demolition!

Episode 61 – Clyde 5 

Ben’s country cousin wants to be a hero, too.

Episode 62 – Rook Tales 

Rook’s previous educator will save Revonnahgander conventions at any cost.

Episode 63 – Charm School 

At Gwen’s school, Ben presumes another educator and new understudy are old foes.

Episode 64 – The Ballad of Mr. Baumann

The grumpy vendor has a major mystery, and she’s not of this Earth.

Episode 65 – Fight at the Museum 

The cantankerous vendor has a major mystery, and she’s not of this Earth.

Episode 66 – Breakpoint

As Wildvine, Ben runs covert with an outsider wrongdoing ring and is enticed by their extraordinary way of life.

Episode 67 – The Color of Monkey

The loved and admired outsider extortionist, Argit, goes up against a shady sidekick, Simian, in a stunning new business.

Episode 68 – Vreedlemania

Dad Vreedle reunites with Ma for hard and fast decimation.

Episode 69 – It’s a Mad…Ben World, Part 1


                                 Story Arc 08 – The Time War

A hazardous chase for an antiquated relic! A filthy arrangement to take the Omnitrix! What’s more, everything paves the way to a definitive finish of the Time Wars! Will Ben and Rook have the capacity to spare the Universe and everything in it since the get-go? On the other hand will they have to depend on a significantly greater saint to battle this war? The truth will surface eventually!

Episode 71 – From Hedorium to Eternity 
11-year-old Ben, Gwen, and friends go on the adventure of a lifetime in their own backyard.

Episode 72 – Stuck On You 

Khyber makes a deal with a genetic parasite to steal the Omnitrix from Ben.

Episode 73 – Let’s Do the Time War Again 

Ben, Skurd, and Rook get themselves got in an interminable time circle as foes from the future join on Bellwood.

Episode 74 – The Secret of Dos Santos 

Ben and Rook join Kai Green on a hazardous outsider relic chase through South America.

Episode 75 – Third Time’s a Charm 

Charmaster comes back to correct her vengeance on Gwendolyn for the last time.

Episode 76 – The Final Countdown

Rook and his little Plumbers must guard the Base from a strange lockdown.

Episode 77 – Malgax Attacks 

Ben battles for his life on an outsider reality appear.

Episode 78 – The Most Dangerous Game Show 

Ben at last figures out how to free himself of Skurd… exactly when he needs the Slime-Biot most.

Episode 80 – A New Dawn

The Time War brings Ben, Rook, and George Washington together to fight an outsider champion.


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